William Augustus BATEMAN

Year Inducted 2004
Date of Birth 11th September 1866

PLAYER: 1885 – 1894

GAMES: 68 with Fremantle

HONOURS: Inaugural captain of Fremantle in 1885; played in eight premierships; represented WA at cricket.

Recognised as the father of the game in WA.   Born in Fremantle but educated in Adelaide where the Victorian game prevailed.  Returned to WA  in 1881 and in collaboration with Henry Albert (Harry) Herbert, who had also been to an Adelaide school, introduced the game into the colony by forming the Swans to play among themselves.  An association was formed in 1885 and Bateman was the dominant player in the competition, playing for Unions or Fremantle.  He played only 68 games but in those early days, only six to nine games were played each season.